About Us

We’re 100% Aboriginal-owned, with our shares jointly held by Denendeh Development Corporation and NWT Métis Development Corporation.

We assist small- to medium-sized Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses in the NWT with funding, strategic advice and ongoing administrative and financial services.

We offer our clients commercial business loans, as well as funding contributions through CanNor’s Entrepreneurial Business Development program. 

Since 1991, we’ve helped develop the NWT’s business capacity by loaning over $25 million to more than 300 businesses in a variety of key Northern industry sectors, such as construction, oil and gas, and tourism.

Our strengths:

  • Quick turnaround time on loan applications (often within a week).
  • A strong board of directors who understand lending.
  • Knowledge of the North and its various regions.
  • Strong client relationships.

Our Team

Lee Sacrey

General Manager

Lucy Spencer

Business Consultant / Customer Service Manager

Nicole Ellsworth

Business Support Services (on Maternity Leave)

Lynnette Self

Manager of Administration / Business Services

Sonya Wall

Executive Coordinator

Susan Waddell

Reception/Administrative Assistant